club désirer in Montevideo Uruguay


When Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre participated in the democratic art weeks in Pfyn in 2011 and 12, we already started to think about a new art project to cooperate between Uruguay and Switzerland. 2015 Uruguay celebrates 30 years of democracy that means as well 30 years since the end of the military dictatorship. Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre took this as a starting point for a public art project with international artists in Uruguay: Democracia: 30 años y despues

club désirer is part of this project and we are in Montevideo in July for preparations and October to finalize the project. During the first part in July, club désirer will be hosted by the Bar 7 Rayos. We will offer an open discussion space every day from the 20th until the 24th of July, 4 – 8pm. The Bar is situated at the corner of Miguelete and Arenal Grande. We cordially invite everybody interested in participating and helping us with our search for democratic beauty. Ana Laura was so kind to invite people and prepare a program as a frame for the search for democratic beauty:


Monday 20th July 5.30pm
Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre and Clemente Padin discuss the aesthetics of democracy

Tuesday 21th July 7pm
Maurizio Bruno: Sentidos históricos de la democracia en Uruguay

Wednesday 22nd July 6pm
Alejandro Sanchez, president of the deputy chamber of the Uruguayan Parliament
Urbano, cultural centre for people living on the street
Juan Bervejillo, Gitarre

Thursday 23rd July 6pm
Esteban Ramirez: censorship in visual arts 1985-2015

Friday 24th July 5pm
Paula Delgado: Tenemos que conversar sobre la Ley 17.515, que regula el trabajo sexual en Uruguay
(discussion about law 17.515 about the regulation of sex work in Uruguay)
On friday there will be a Parillada and music by Nicolás Estefanell y compañía.


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