The start of ‚club désirer‘ took part in Seoul, Southkorea in Feburary/March 2014. The Transitory Museum of Pfyn had been invited to Pink Art Fair Seoul 2014, presented the work of fellow artists Mark Staff Brandl, collectif indigène (Jean-Marie Reynier & Andreanne Oberson), Rahel MüllerStefano W. Pasquini and asked the audience to write down their thoughts or give statements to the question ‚What is democracy?‘.

The project ‚club désirer‘ is part of the work of Swiss artist duo Alex Meszmer & Reto Mueller. Within their work, they investigate questions about the construction and reconstruction of history, public life or political processes. They created a digital archive about the history and stories of the small Swiss town of Pfyn, a database and a mobile App and founded a Museum – the Transitory Museum of Pfyn in 2007. 2011 and 2012 Alex Meszmer & Reto Mueller had been artistic director of Pfyn – Kulturhauptstadt der Schweiz 2011-12 and developed a broad variety of events together with the inhabitants of Pfyn. As a museums project for the ‚cultural capitol‘, Meszmer & Mueller curated the democratic art weeks an artist-in-residence program of ten international artists and artists groups, developing participatory art projects together with the public in Pfyn, a conference and an exhibition of the evolving projects.

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