The First Letter

Today we got our first answer for our request to 111 Swiss politicians, where we can find beauty in democratic processes or whether democracy is beautiful. Unfortunately we can’t read the name – perhaps #followerpower will help us with that!

Please, where can we find democratic beauty?

And is there beauty in democratic processes? are the two questions, we asked 111 Swiss politicians in a letter, waiting for answers now. A bit more than one week after we sent out the first letters, we are still waiting for the first ideas in our mailbox. What will our politicians tell us? or will…

Auf der Suche nach der Schönheit der Demokratie/In Search Of Democratic Beauty

  In october/november club désirer will be a guest @ Gasthaus zum Bären/Museum Bärengasse, taking part in this project: Unsettling the Setting. Playing, Plying, Squatting // Operating, Owning, Occupying ––– or rather? Ideas, strategies, suggestions, concepts for an (im)possible / (un)bearable exhibition situation, by: Alain Jenzer, Allan Siegel, Alex Meszmer and Reto Müller, André Bideau,…

Tell us, is democracy beautiful?

Is Democracy beautiful? Can we find beauty in democratic processes? Do you think that it is completely foolish to search for democratic beauty? Or do you know of beautiful moments, times, events or objects that are related to democracy? Then tell us! Click on the Poll or leave a comment!

Il Quarto Stato – Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo reenacted

      Sunday 6th of April 45 volunteers gathered for reenacting Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedos painting Il Quarto Stato in Studio Cloud 4 (the original picture shows 58 persons). We want to thank all participants and  especially Stefano Stagni our photographer for exciting discussions of different forms and possibilities of a contemporary version of Pellizzas…