Il Quarto Stato – Montevideo Edition

This is it – the ‚Il Quarto Stato‘ Montevideo Edition. The photo is part of our contribution for Democracia: 30 anos y despues and it is visible at the Espacio de Arte Contemporanéo with the support of Centro de Fotografia de Montevideo. Postcards of the image are available at EAC. More soon here.

Il Quarto Stato Montevideo Edition

A big Thank You to all those who did not dread the wind and the cold, another big Thank You to those who took the challenge to stand for the central figures in the painting: The teacher Susana Rodriguez de Almeida, the artist Martin Verges and his son and Lucia Caldes Acosta, cyclist and political…

Convocatoria a sesión fotográfica / El Cuarto Estado Recreado

„El Cuarto Estado Recreado“ – (Montevideo 2015) Un proyecto de los artistas Alex Meszmer y Reto Müller Presentado por „Democracia: 30 años y después…“ Los artistas suizos Alex Meszmer y Reto Müller visitan Montevideo para realizar una reconstrucción fotográfica del cuadro „Il Quarto Stato“ de Guiseppe Pelizza da Volpedo, pintado en 1901 y que representa…

Tell us, is democracy beautiful?

Is Democracy beautiful? Can we find beauty in democratic processes? Do you think that it is completely foolish to search for democratic beauty? Or do you know of beautiful moments, times, events or objects that are related to democracy? Then tell us! Click on the Poll or leave a comment!

Il Quarto Stato – Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo reenacted

      Sunday 6th of April 45 volunteers gathered for reenacting Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedos painting Il Quarto Stato in Studio Cloud 4 (the original picture shows 58 persons). We want to thank all participants and  especially Stefano Stagni our photographer for exciting discussions of different forms and possibilities of a contemporary version of Pellizzas…